The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa

Raptor Guide - cover

Author: Ulrich Oberprieler

I have extensively revised and expanded my Raptor Guide of Southern Africa. The 2012 edition, an internationally acclaimed book, is the region’s ultimate guide to a fascinating and important group of birds.

Size: 245 x 170 mmNumber of pages: 384
Softcover with protective vinyl sleeve

Additional features:
• All 83 Southern African raptors described - both diurnal and nocturnal species.
• A user-friendly system of 11 raptor groups which are colour-coded and cross-referenced.
• Comprehensive text that emphasises field recognition, behaviour, feeding methods, breeding and the origin of the name.
• Concise information indicating measurements, distribution, habitat preference, food and status.
• English, Afrikaans, French, German, Portuguese and scientific names included.
• Both old and new Roberts’ numbers indicated.
• Over 1 000 excellent colour photographs to indicate males, females, juveniles and other colour variations, both perched and in flight.
• 342 colour illustrations, including flight patterns, of all major colour variations.
• 382 black-and-white drawing to assist in identification.
• Sonograms to interpret the calls of owls.
• Information fully reviewed by internationally known raptor expert Peter Steyn

The Raptor Guide of Southern Africa is available at all leading bookshops. If you wish to acquire a signed copy directly from me, please email me.

Price: R 300-00 (South African packaging and postage included)


Update on the ‘mystery buzzard’:
Research is still on-going and different possibilities are explored. In the meantime the ‘mystery buzzard’ remains a mystery.

Excellent field guide. For any bird lover, this is a must buy. One of the best raptor guides I have ever come across. The author has succeeded in capturing not only all the important information needed, but the multiple photos makes identifying a bird so much easier. Highly recommended!
I have quite a few field guides. A lot actually. Anything and everything ranging from birds and mammals to trees and frogs. You would think that there comes a point where you don’t really need another one. And that is what I thought, but then this one came along.
The Raptor Guide has raised the bar for field guides and is an absolute must for anyone heading out to wild places in Southern Africa. Yes, I know there have been a lot of raptor guides in the past and yes, I have them as well, but the detail and ease of use of the Raptor Guide of Southern Africa makes it stand out above the rest.
Gerry van der Walt, Photo Africa