Equipment & Accessories

I offer the following range of products for the discerning birder:

Hand-made knives

Why use an ordinary pocket knife if you could own a beautiful hand-made work of art by Kappetijn Knives? The range of knives includes both folding pocket knives and fixed blades, made either of stainless steel or Damascus steel. These products are made to last a lifetime of use and enjoyment as they are hand-crafted by master craftsmen to exacting standards. No products are exactly the same - production volume is limited, providing a high level of exclusivity.

Camel bone is my preferred material for the handles, as its fine texture and pale colour allow beautiful scrimshaw designs to be hand-engraved onto it. Other handle materials include water buffalo horn, olive wood and Turkish walnut. This provides for an endless variety of handle finishes and textures; further enhancing the uniqueness and exclusivity of each knife. All knives are supplied with custom made leather pouches or sheaths.

Knives 1 Knives 2

Hand-painted silk scarves

The ideal treat or present: a silk scarf hand-painted by Linette Ferreira. Each scarf is unique, depicting a beautiful South African bird.

The dyes used are very different to any other paints because of their very unique nature. They do magic things! Dyes for silk are very brilliant and very concentrated. They are then diluted to produce all kinds of wonderful effects. As they merge together and flow into each other, they develop their own sense of union. It’s almost as if they (the dyes) have a mind of their own. Linette captures the vivid birds in her exclusive creations.

Scarves 1 Scarves 2

Authentic San art

These are amazing pieces of hand-made ostrich egg shell adornments by the Ju/’hoansi San in Namibia’s Kalahari. Own a unique jewellery item while assisting the San community to support themselves.

The necklaces and bangles are hand-crafted, using basic tools such as awls, scrapers and knives. The finished product, however, is a true fashion statement.

San Art 1 San Art 2

Please email me for detail and items available.